The initial reason for pursuing my Masters in Luxury Brand Management were my wide-ranging fields of interest as well as my diverse background. A lifelong passion for horses, an undergrad in the shipping industry and a keen sense for luxury products and century old craftsmanship felt too diverse until I found my niche of "Equestrian Branding".

My USP is understanding a brand, linking data with unbridled creativity and telling a remarkable story based on my industry network and inspired by my equestrian adventures around the world.

With my key services I help to grow your equestrian business ranging from the rebranding of your Polo Team to designing a tackroom, to working on equestrian collaborations.

As an external adviser I guide you through the process of getting clear on your brand's purpose and implement the necessary strategy to set you apart from the competition.

Key Services

  • Creative Consulting
  • Brand Analysis
  • Brand Strategy, Identity and Naming
  • Brand Positioning and Repositioning
  • Customer and Trend Research

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