Just like every client's story is unique, so should their homes be.

I start each project with a questionnaire to gain a relevant insight into my clients' story.
Keeping this in mind, the next step is to discuss my clients' needs and wishes to find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Whether it is a color consultation, interior styling or an entire interior concept, each project should result in a home reflecting the person living in it.

A fascination for true craftsmanship and genuine traditions from a very young age are the driving forces behind my ideas. Which is why I am seeking to prevent century old crafts and traditions from extinction and give them a new meaning in our busy everyday lives.

My unbridled approach cherishes traditions from a new perspective in order to turn outdated interiors into cross-generational classics.

Putting a playful twist on old designs and pairing them with bold colors I ultimitaly create timeless interiors preserving traditions for generations to come.

Unbridled works independently, which allows every concept to be tailored individually to my clients brief based on my values of being TRADITIONAL, BOLD and FREE-SPIRITED.


In a unique 3 step process I create tailormade interior concepts. Which act like a manual simplifying decision making and help my clients achieve their dream home. Learn more about it here.


I believe that color is the most powerful tool to transform any space dramatically.

With today's endless possibilities many people quickly feel overwhelmed and ultimately stay within their comfortzone often resulting in mediocre color choices.

I help my clients to be more confident, embrace bolder color choices and achieve the desired transformation tailored to their home.

Like all my interior services my color consultation is available online or in-house.

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Sometimes a space doesn't need an entire makeover but just a fresh perspective and some design supervising.

With just a few hours of interior consultation I help my clients achieve impactful changes for a desired facelift focusing on accessories, fabrics and color.

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It can be tricky to navigate through the enormous supply of furniture, accessories and crafts.

The personal guided shopping service helps my clients to get clear on their purchases and to make the right choices for their homes.

I offer in-person style consultation, in-store decision making and assistance during negotiations.

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My passion for treasure hunting goes back to my childhood curiosity for unique objects.

Ever fascinated by the charme of fleamarkets and storytelling vintage stores I started sourcing pieces for friends and family at an early age.

Travelling the world, exploring the most remote areas from the Hungarian countryside to the Argentinian pampas and living in different cities sharpened my eye and matured me into the free-spirited treasure hunter I am today.

I believe that rare finds are the key for turning any designed space into an individual home.

If you have an iconic piece in mind or would like to add more depth to your home, click here to get in touch for my treasure hunting services.